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General dive tour photos below

  • Philippines

  • Mafia island

  • Florida

  • Madagascar

  • Norway

    Diving with the Orca Whales
  • Sardine Run

    Wild Coast South Africa
  • Mexico

    Cenote Cave & Cavern Diving
  • Red Sea

  • Mozambique

  • Bassa da India Atoll

    Mozambique Channel Indian Ocean
  • Lembeh Straights

    Lembeh is an island off the north east coast of Sulawesi Indonesia
  • Maldives

  • Sodwana Bay South Africa


Equipment Service

Equipment Service

We service most makes of scuba regulators first and second stage, SPG, LPI and BCDs, computer battery replacements, cylinder visuals and Hydro testing

Gas Fills  Filling Station

Gas Fills Filling Station

Air, Nitrox and Mixed Gas filling station and cylinder oxygen cleaning.

Rebreather Service

Rebreather Service

We service the full range of the AP Diving rebreathers and supply parts and accessories

What makes us Unique

Mastering state of the art technologies.



When we sell you a NEW Regulator set with first stage two second stages, SPG and LPI hose; the first service within 12 months is FREE
Gas Mix

Gas Mix

We require you to confirm your gas mixture and sign for this before you take away your cylinders
Equipment Set Up

Equipment Set Up

We help you set up your equipment so that it is right for you and the type of diving you do

Poseidon Mk6 Checks

Basic Mk6 Checks for your Rebreather


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THE REBREATHER REVOLUTION - The choice for the smart generation of divers...are you one?

A rebreather system circulates your exhaled gas inside a breathing loop cleaning it and adjusting the Nitrox gas to the best mix for your depth allowing you to re-breathe the Nitrox gas, instead of exhaling gas straight out into the water as in a open circuit scuba system. This makes rebreathers highly efficient as well as silent, warmer gas and they extend underwater allowable dive times!

Rebreathers open up incredible new worlds for divers… allowing you to dive silently amongst the wildlife and explore further, for longer, in greater comfort. From reef to cave, shore to deep wreck… the advantages are dramatic.

We are suppliers of various rebreathers and accessories....

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