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As our lives get busier and busier, people are wanting to learn on-line, at home or in the work environment, on your cell, tablets, and computers.  No more long evening lectures, as all theory is on-line, with your instructor following along.  Academic theory is presented during your practical training.

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Your training starts online where you will learn all the important information about scuba diving. Everything from the equipment you will use, the diving environment, the effects of depth and the skills you will learn in the water. 

You will spend a lot of time in the pool (or pool like conditions) training and practicing at your own pace. This will make you very comfortable for your skills in the ocean.  In particular we make sure you learn to control your buoyancy as it is essential to diving safely.

After your pool or confined water sessions, you'll head to open water, where you and your RAID instructor will take you on your dives. You'll apply the skills you learned in the pool as well as having plenty of time for exploring the local dive site.


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The RAID system is a unique, comprehensive continued educational programme designed for a variety of rebreather units. The core level of education (ie Level 1 or Level 2 etc)  covers aspects which are common to all rebreathers; and the unit specific speciality programmes cover information which is unique to the rebreather of your choice.

The core levels specify the depth limitation and skill level and allows the diver to learn in steps.
The rebreather speciality confirms which rebreather the diver may use.

To qualify as a RAID rebreather diver you need to have completed both the Core Rebreather Level and a Rebreather Specific Speciality course.

Recreational courses:  Level 1 to Level 4 can use MkVl/Vll; Hollis; Inspiration Evo and EVP only
Technical courses:       Can use above CCr’s plus JJ; Optima; Inspiration EPD; Kiss; Prism; Sentinal, Se7en Tech 





Advanced Courses

 Maldives 3020


Are you a qualified diver looking to learn something new?

We provide a wide range of courses from Explorer 30 to full trimix on open circuit or rebreather.

Have a look below and find a course that you have been looking for,

Explorer 30 – this is like the other agencies Advanced Course. Max depth rating 30m. Learn more click here

Advanced 35
– this course is in-depth and provides more information than any other course in the industry of a similar depth rating. Max depth 35m. Learn more click here

Master Rescue
– this course follows the name! Learn more click here

Divemaster – said to be the best divemaster course in the industry and that is no lie. Learn more click here

RAID Instructor: We provide Instructor development and cross over courses. Pro Internship courses. For people who want to be professional and a step above other Instructors. Learn more click here

Specialities: Shark, Drysuit, oxygen provider, First Aid, Photography, O2 Service and Gas blender, Side mount, Cave, Wreck, Deep, Night, Equipment, Search and Recovery, Navigation just to name a few. Call us and we can discuss what you would like. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We like to have fun and take images of life underwater (and above!) so here are a few of our images.

We also offer underwater photography course! ClickThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking to purchase underwater photography or video items or equipment? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now to get information and a quote



MDC 1 11
MDC 1 12
MDC 1 13
MDC 1 14
MDC 1 17
MDC 1 18
MDC 1 19
MDC 1 2
MDC 1 20
MDC 1 21
MDC 1 22
MDC 1 23
MDC 1 24
MDC 1 25
MDC 1 26
MDC 1 27
MDC 1 29
MDC 1 3
MDC 1 4
MDC 1 5
MDC 1 6
MDC 1 7
MDC 1 8
MDC 1 9
B Base
Sodwana May 2017 5 Of 12
Aliwal Shoal Sept 2017 3313


Cave 1 10
Cave 1 100
Cave 1 101
Cave 1 102
Cave 1 103
Cave 1 104
Cave 1 105
Cave 1 106
Cave 1 107
Cave 1 108
Cave 1 11
Cave 1 12
Cave 1 13
Cave 1 14
Cave 1 15
Cave 1 16
Cave 1 17
Cave 1 18
Cave 1 19
Cave 1 2
Cave 1 20
Cave 1 21
Cave 1 22
Cave 1 23
Cave 1 24
Cave 1 25
Cave 1 26
Cave 1 27
Cave 1 28
Cave 1 29
Cave 1 3
Cave 1 30
Cave 1 31
Cave 1 32
Cave 1 33
Cave 1 34
Cave 1 35
Cave 1 36
Cave 1 37
Cave 1 38
Cave 1 39
Cave 1 4
Cave 1 41
Cave 1 42
Cave 1 43
Cave 1 44
Cave 1 46
Cave 1 48
Cave 1 5
Cave 1 52


Maldives 2615
Maldives 2620
Maldives 2653
Maldives 2667
Maldives 2710
Maldives 2726
Maldives 2735
Maldives 2755
Maldives 2802
Maldives 2808
Maldives 2855
Maldives 2860
Maldives 3021
Maldives 2890
Maldives 3146
Maldives 3024
Maldives 3082
Maldives 2885
Maldives 3087
Maldives 2876
Maldives 2735

Rebreather Diver Training

These exciting rebreather courses are designed to train you in the safe use and technology of rebreather diving. The courses build confidence and ability, providing the skills and knowledge to help you become a better rebreather diver. 

What we offer: (Click on the links below for more info)

For more info: Rebreather Training

Barry has been diving and training Rebreathers since 1999 and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of rebreather diving from recreational to full technical. 

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