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Let us help you Experience the Dive Adventure in South Africa – from whales, to dolphins, Sardine Run, sharks, cage and cage-less shark dives, tropical reefs and warm waters, manta rays to nudibranch and an abundance of marine fish, wrecks, animal safari - we can offer it all through MERIDIAN DIVE.

Meridian Dive will provide your Guided Southern Africa Safari that will not only give you unforgettable diving but we also offer a land safari tour to a private game park where you can see the Big 5 game animals. Aliwal Shoal is rated as one of the Top 10 Dive Sites of the world for our varied and seasonal sea life, and along with Sodwana, you will enjoy some of the most exciting diving to be experienced!

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 ALIWAL SHOAL - Umkomaas

South Coast Dive Safari - Aliwal & Protea Banks

Aliwal Shoal Dive Site Map

Aliwal Shoal Dive Sites

SODWANA BAY - 4 hrs drive north of Aliwal Shoal    
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                    APRIL & MAY 2018 DATES AND PRICES
Click here for Sodwana Photographic Competition in April and Long Weekend Getaway May

Sodwana Bay Resort and dive packages

Sodwana Bay Smaller Resort

Sodwana Bay Dash Long weekend  3 nights/4dives - email for prices

SARDINE RUN - the Wild Coast

It is called "The Greatest Shoal on Earth" where millions of people are engulfed in the Sardine Fever that strikes KwaZulu-Natal and, not only are the people in a frenzy; predators of the ocean congregate en-masse for a feast-of-the-year. The Sardine Run is the best natural ocean event to be witnessed and not to be missed by adventure seekers and avid divers.  Click on the links below for more info:

Sardine Run 2018 - Port St Johns

Sardine Run 2018 - Mpame


Aliwal Shoal - for Tiger Shark & Black Tip fanatics, photographers, adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers we have a very special offer: Cage-less Baited Shark diving, snorkelling and boat trips.
Raggered Tooth, Hammerheads, Zambezi sharks – dive Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks.
Cape Town – for Great White shark experience – we offer two nights, one days diving, in cages, with the Great Whites.

Raggie Dive

Tiger and Black Tip Dive

Hammerhead Dive

Great White Dive

Shark Speciality courses

BIG 5 ANIMALS - plus dive tours

Meridian Adventures can provide you with Self Guided or Guided Tours to some of our many game reserves. Build it in with your diving or not, we can arrange specilised and exclusive game tours for the exacting photographer (no hunters thanks!)  

Self Drive - 9 Day Tour

Guided - 9 Day tour - great for groups

Check out a few of our Videos: 

  • Self Guide or Guided Game Tours
  • Kwa Zulu Natal has fantastic Game Reserves
  • Sharks & Rays
  • Get to see these animals
  • I like Diving because..

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